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A S K A P R O F E S S I O N A L S T Y L I S T They [big box stores] buy it for a lot cheaper because it is diverted, diluted, expired, or almost expired, and, therefore, they can buy a lot in bulk. Then, they mark up the prices so you think you're getting the real thing. Aminah Lawson ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO My salon used to get product diverters in all the time. They would buy super-cheap clearance products and resell them. I have seen products from holiday collections almost 10 years old at grocery stores. Evelyn Kennedy SNOHOMISH, WASHINGTON These products are only guaranteed when sold by an authorized retailer. If you buy them from Target, Walgreens, etc., you can't be 100 percent sure that you're actually getting what you paid for. Brianna Readye PORTLAND, OREGON What's wrong with buying hair products from the grocery store, if they're the same brand my salon uses? We had run out of root pump and one of our stylists told her client to just grab some at the grocery store. I was working alone on a Saturday, and I answered the phone to a client freaking out that the entire top of her hair was burnt. While she was blow drying, it started smoking badly! I asked her to bring me the product and let me take a look at it. She did, and by this point, we had just gotten in more root pump. At a glance, the two products looked the same, but then we noticed—when placed side by side—that they weren't. The products came out looking and smelling completely different! Stacee Rosales ROUND ROCK, TEXAS I always quote Forrest Gump, but switch it up a bit: "Box dyes and big box store products are like a box of chocolates—you never know what you're gonna get inside." They are black market, have added or subtracted ingredients, or are expired. Some of our products even have a disclaimer on the back stating that they cannot guarantee the product if it is not sold in a salon. You get what you pay for! Jordan Wolle COON RAPIDS, MINNESOTA watch & learn This video from KTNV Channel 13 Action News in Las Vegas reveals the great range in quality regarding salon shampoo versus grocery or online versions of some products: 3 Picture from Google images of a product bought at a big box store. Savannah Lynn Bachman SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA

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