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Page 2 of 13 3 A S K A P R O F E S S I O N A L S T Y L I S T "I love finding hair inspiration on Pinterest and social media but how can I tell what's achievable and what's a filter or Photoshop?" It's hard to tell most times. And they never say how many times in between that they had to lift or deposit color in the hair. I would say to use your judgment and if you don't think it is achievable then talk with your stylist about it. Most clients lack the knowledge of what it all takes to get the results they are wanting. And it's not their fault. That's why we are the professionals and it is our job to inform them! Consultations are the key ingredient for any service. Always! KIMBERLY PEREZ WRIGHT GRIFFITHVILLE, ARKANSAS Clients need to have an understanding of what it can take to get to their inspiration picture (long appointments, multiple appointments, money) and also what it will take to upkeep it! CAROLYN HARRIS VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA I personally would never expect a client to know that or figure that out before coming to see me. I want them to enjoy their inspiration picture shopping and not worry too heavily on the details yet. They can find a couple options they like. Then, if they want to know what's realistic, I'd encourage them to set up a complimentary color consult with me, and I would be happy to review the options and make a game plan with them because that's really one of the biggest parts of my job. AUBRIE PARTH TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN It's our job to handle the clients expectations—and it's up to us to let them know what is achievable and what is not. I often will show a client my own work in different lighting, to show not only a filter can change things, but lighting (natural, indoor, outdoor, etc.) can as well! BRIANE BIRD GRISWOLD VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA

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