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A S K A P R O F E S S I O N A L S T Y L I S T Perhaps you are putting too much moisture in your hair. Happy hair is a balance of protein and moisture. Find a good protein shampoo and conditioner, and get regular trims. JESSIE MCSWAIN HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA Eat more protein. Your hair is made of mostly protein. And your hair and nails get what's left after your more important parts take what they need. Most people just need a more well-balanced diet. JULIE K. HOLLETT POST FALLS, IDAHO If you have any split ends, they have to be cut off or they'll split higher on the strand. Cutting doesn't make it grow faster, but it prevents you from having broken ends and allows the hair to get longer. Trimming off the broken ends while the hair is growing lets it get longer and ensures it's healthy when it gets to the length you desire. DAYNA ALTHOUSE-PUGLIESE FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA Water and exercise. Working out boosts circulation. Circulation helps blood carry essential nutrients to the hair follicle. Boosted circulation boosts the benefits. SARAH JUNE OAK GROVE, MISSOURI The body needs at least 90 grams (depending on body mass) of protein a day to properly grow hair. Eggs only provide 2–8 grams. A piece of chicken contains 15–22 grams, depending on size. Make sure you are supplementing in other ways. Protein is super important for hair growth. CHRISA EASTBURN PLYMOUTH, INDIANA Diet. And hot tools. Go see a nutritionist and stop using heat on your hair. My hair started growing again and got shinier, and my medical dandruff went away, once I cut out gluten, bettered my eating habits, and stopped using heat. No gluten in my hair products either. Also had my thyroid checked. ANDREA JOHNSON CALIFORNIA 3 My hair won't grow. What gives? Lots of factors! What are you putting in your body? Are you getting the right vitamins? Are you stressed? Do you do blonde all the time? Or color all the time? Or never get trims? It can be lots of stuff. And fine curly hair, or just curly hair, is hard to grow, as it's often more fragile. AMBER PRATER ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA

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