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Page 14 of 15 15 Don't panic! Trichoptilosis is just the fancy term for what most of us call "split ends." A split end is essentially just as it sounds: the splitting of the end of the hair shaft due to damage. Here's the kicker, though, that most people don't realize: it can't be fixed. Split ends can be camouflaged with products and conditioning treatments, but not fixed. Those products that claim to "fix" split ends really just glue the split strands of the hair shaft back together, but as soon as the hair hits water, the product will dissolve and the hair will still be split. Cutting off the end of the hair where the split begins is the only way to get rid of trichoptilosis. Even if you're attached to your length, cutting off a split end at its source is essential or the hair strand will continue to split the entire way up the shaft, weakening the strand and making it ripe to completely break off. Regular trims are the only way to fix trichoptilosis and have your most luscious, full, healthy locks possible. ■ Q U I C K F A C T S Warning You Probably Have Trichoptilosis

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