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Favorite places to shop? There's a little gem in Dallas called Upscale that's affordable and has super cute clothes. If I'm in L.A., I like @theshopmelrose, and online I like @fashionnova. Do you prefer shopping online or brick and mortar? I like buying stuff in the stores, so I can take it home that day. I hate waiting. What trends are you most into at the moment, and what do you see on the horizon? I'm liking flare jeans and the mini-1990s sunglasses— not together, but separately. What's one wardrobe staple everyone should have? A nice, black, leather jacket. Biggest fashion petpeeve? I don't really have one. If you like it, rock it. Doesn't affect me at all. Maybe I wouldn't wear it, but that doesn't make it a petpeeve. You do you. What advice would you give someone still trying to establish their personal style? Try different things and see what puts a smile on your face when you look in the mirror with it on. ■ Katie Rodgers has been doing hair for six years and has owned her own hair extension company, Mermaid Hair, for four. She invented a thicker customizable type of hair extension and has over 4,000 mermaids. Some have flown from around the world, including England, Canada, Cuba, and Hawaii. She loves her career, her friends, and her animals, and she feels so blessed and lucky to live such an amazing life. She plans to open her own salon in June 2018. KATIE'S PERSONAL STYLE PREFERENCES Leather or jean Leather jacket and high-waist jeans. Country or urban I don't wear cowboy hats, but I look hot in daisy dukes. Yee-haw! Skinny leg or flared Both. Fitt ed or loose Fitted. Unless I've had Olive Garden … then loose. Boots or stilettos Both. Flo wers or hearts Hearts. I tell people at Starbucks, "Name is Katie with a heart above the 'I'." And they try their best to make a heart; it's so cute. Solid or print Solid tops, printed pants. Fringe or lace Both. Bling or bows Bling. Clutch or messenger Clutch at night, messenger during the day. Hair up or down Down. Curly or straight Wavy. Natural or colored Colored natural brown. Short or long LONGGGGG. Hello, I do extensions! Air dry or blow dry Drybar every Monday. Hat or headband Beanie. 14 Beauty Sense

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