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1. Do you come into the salon or barbershop with an idea in mind about how you want your hair cut, colored, and styled? A. Absolutely; I have been thinking about what to ask for all week! (2 points; make it 3 points if you bring a picture) B. Sometimes I'll think about what I might want while my hair professional finishes up the client ahead of me. (1 point) C. Not a clue. I hate when my hairstylist asks how I want my hair. (0 points) 2. Are you flexible with your hair choices? A. I value my hair professional's advice for what would/would not look good on me and what my hair is capable of achieving, far more than what I originally had in mind. I came to a professional for this very reason! (2 points) B. I'll stop to consider what my hairstylist suggests, but occasionally I'm willing to sign a waiver so she'll perform a service she cautioned me against. (1 point) C. If it looks good on Pinterest, it'll look good on me. (0 points) 3. Are you 100 percent honest when your hair professional asks about your hair history? A. Oh yes! My stylist knows everything about me; why would I keep my hair truth from her? (2 points) B. Sure, I tell everything that's happened in the past couple months. (1 point) C. If I admit I used box color, don't they charge more? No way. (0 points) 4. What do you and your hair professional talk about? A. My hair and the products going into it. (2 points) B. What's new with me, what's new with my hair, the weather, etc. (1 point) C. There's too much town gossip to waste any time talking about my hair. (0 points) 5. As the appointment is finishing up … A. I always make sure I have all the products I need to replicate my new style at home and get my next appointment on the books as soon as possible so I don't have any bad hair days. (3 points) B. Sometimes I have to make do with the products I have at home (knowing my hair won't quite be the same when I style it at home), but I make sure to schedule my next appointment so I can reserve mine and my stylist's special time together. (2 points) C. I rush out the door without a second thought until my hair is grown out and I need my hair professional to skip lunch to squeeze me in again. (0 points) 7 HOW DID YOU DO? 0–1 points: Oh honey, your hair professional is a saint for putting up with you, but you're really only cheating yourself out of what could be an amazing experience. 2–5 points: You're definitely on the right track, but there are a couple ways you aren't fully utilizing your time with your hair professional. They are educated, knowledgeable, and waiting to share their expertise with you. Let them in, trust them completely, and make the absolute most out of every hair appointment. 6–12 points: Darling! Do you want to be my client?! You and your hair professional have a good thing going. You clearly understand the transformative power of fabulous hair and an incredible salon experience. Don't forget to thank your hair professional and let them know how much they mean to you. ■ by Ali Davidson It takes two to have an ideal salon experience. Take this short quiz to see if you and your stylist are on track or could do better.

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