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Page 4 of 9 5 5. Please Use Quality Products You will never be able to maintain your color service using drugstore products! Carleigh Johnson LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO I wish more people knew that clarifying/ detoxing shampoos are the main solution to their products "not working right anymore," and that there are color-safe clarifying shampoos! Morgan Elise Weger POOLVILLE, TEXAS I cannot guarantee the longevity of my work if you are not using the professional products I've personally recommended for you. That drugstore product will strip out the work I've just done, no matter how color-safe the bottle says it is. Madison Goerend WICHITA, KANSAS I actually don't care if you buy it from me or not, I just want you to use a heat protectant. Please. It's not for me, it's for you. Keegan Byington BRISTOL, VIRGINIA 4. Please Recognize that Doing Hair is Our Business and We Must Run Our Books as Such One of the biggest things I think clients don't know is how we are paid. Many jobs are hourly or salary, whereas if we don't have a client in the chair we are not getting paid. When clients no-show, it has a huge impact. In addition, I don't think clients realize many of us have a wait list and had we known they couldn't make it, we could have possibly filled their spot. Kristen Magaw ELKTON, MARYLAND If you want it done right, it's not going to be cheap. If you want it cheap, it's not going to be done right. If you want it fast, it's not going to be cheap. You get what you pay for. Mandy Yeugelowitz Schmitz FORT MYERS, FLORIDA Please understand that you should book your next appointment before you leave! Sometimes we get busy and we can't just fit you in when it's convenient for you. Tara Nichole Noe MELBOURNE, FLORIDA I wish my clients knew that what we do in this field is an actual job, not just playing with hair, makeup, or nails. We didn't bust our butts in beauty school to get where we are now. I've learned the hard way that the beauty industry is tough, but I'm thankful for going through what I did for this beautiful career of mine. Scottie Bustamante STOCKDALE, TEXAS I'm a hairstylist, not an auctioneer. My prices are set. Kaitlyn Horn LASSALLE, ILLINOIS some other things to keep in mind There is no such thing as just one or two layers. You either want layers or you don't. Color does not lift [remove] color; you have to use lightener. And you cannot get pastels on your dark brown hair without lightening it. Taylor Whitener CINCINNATI, OHIO A trim is still a haircut. Monica Maiale PHOENIX, ARIZONA I wish clients knew not to lift their heads when we shampoo. Aimee Purdy VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON

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