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I wish clients knew that we can't go from level 10 box black to platinum or silver in one visit! [Even if ] "… they do it on Pinterest all the time." Also, the colors on Pinterest have Photoshop treatment most of the time. So, when people ask me what color something is, I tell them it's "Pinterest!" Nickey Ward SOUTH HUTCHINSON, KANSAS The curly picture you brought in was [more than likely] done with a wand, not a perm. Bri Cool EAST PEORIA, ILLINOIS If you show me a photo of yourself 20 years ago and say I want my hair like this again … chances are you just want to look like you did 20 years ago. Your hair isn't the same! Cheryl Avina MODESTO, CALIFORNIA 2. Please Be Honest with Us We aren't asking if you cut your bangs because we aren't sure; we're asking because we noticed. Andrea Gruchala WHITE LAKE, MICHIGAN I wish they knew when we ask if they have any color on their hair, we mean faded color, too. You still have had a chemical put on your hair. No matter how much that red box dye faded out, it'll pop back to say "Hi" the second we put anything with developer on it. Amy Keib WICHITA, KANSAS Things to Ensure an Exceptional Salon Experience 3. Please Trust Us: We Know What We're Doing I have to follow the laws of science with your hair if I want it to stay on your head, which I do. I'm not being mean or unreasonable; I'm being smart and maintaining the integrity of not only your hair, but also my reputation. Erinn Steger PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA What I wish for is that when I give a client my reasoning as to why I believe the cut or color they want is not a good idea, that they would trust me and believe that I only have the best intentions. I am not trying to crush their dreams, and I'm not trying to get out of working harder, I just want what's best for them and their hair and I want to lay it all out for them before they end up with damaged hair or extreme buyer's remorse. Betty Sweeny OTTAWA, KANSAS If you only knew how much school and testing we all go through to do our jobs … Monica Saunders LOGAN, UTAH I wish they knew how much science is truly involved in our industry. You realize this chemical requires an activator, right? Nobody panic! I'm trained and licensed. Erika Lynn McNamara NEWTON, NEW JERSEY As hair professionals, we want your experience in the salon to be as incredible as possible. We asked hair professionals across the country what they wish their clients knew before coming into the salon. Here are five things to keep in mind to help ensure your salon experience is the stuff fairytales are made of. 1. Please Come in with Realistic Expectations If you want a drastic color change, please realize it may take all day and will not be cheap if done in one go. Corey Maness PICKENS, SOUTH CAROLINA When someone brings in an inspirational picture, the style in the picture is colored, cut, and curled to the model. We can give clients their version of it. Most likely it will not look exactly like the picture, because that is on a completely different person. Kristina Catlady WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND I can only do what your hair will allow me to do. Brandy Powers TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI 5 4 Beauty Sense

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