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A S K A P R O F E S S I O N A L S T Y L I S T "I'm thinking about bangs. What's your advice?" Have you had them before? What is your daily hair routine like? And are you willing to style them every day, because they are definitely a commitment? What kind of bangs do you want? If you are new to them and you are adamant about having them, I might talk you into sideswept, so the grow- out isn't bad, and you can get your toes wet, so to speak. CRYSTAL LEE WATSON TAMPA, FLORIDA How do you style your hair? Assess how bangs will impact your lifestyle. Let's do some face framing first to test the waters if you are hesitant. KATHY LAPRIETA QUIROGA MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON, MEXICO Bangs are the easiest way to change your overall appearance. Leave them on the longer side, just in case you don't like them for easier grow out. Next appointment, we'll go shorter or begin a sideswept bang. LOUISA E. DESTREMPS SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN Fall/winter is the best time of year for bangs, and it's cheap Botox. KRISTINA CHEESEMAN ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI If you're not totally sure, then I would advise against bangs. In my experience, people usually regret it if they're not 100 percent sure! AMANDA KEELEY SPOKANE, WASHINGTON I love bangs, but they have to match the face and hairline. You can try with color swatches to make a fake fringe or use the ends of your hair if it is long enough to reach. Always start with longer bangs. I sometimes do straight on, but start sideswept angled bangs. Bangs look cute on the right face. ROSE VINCENT NEW YORK, NEW YORK Bangs are a big commitment and they take a while to grow out if you don't like them. Think about it, and if you still want them at your next appointment, I will cut them. I also suggest to start with side bangs as well. Almost every person at their next appointment will no longer want bangs and the few that still do just go with side bangs. JESSICA LUX TROY, NEW YORK Do you really want bangs or do you need some "bangtox," a.k.a. Botox? Seriously, bangs can make or break a style, depending on your commitment of keeping them trimmed. I personally think fringe is very in and very hot right now! A little face framing can dictate a whole new look and style. GLYNDA RAINEY KITTRELL NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS

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