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Cancer impacts our lives on a daily basis. The need to do more is evident, and the time is now. We're excited to share with you the BeYOUtiful Foundation! Created for women of all ages defying the odds against cancer, this foundation is designed to provide hope, love, and a path toward feeling BeYOUtiful. From little girls to bright young ladies, supermoms to business women, the BeYOUtiful Foundation is a support system with readily available resources for every woman— whenever and wherever she may need it. When it comes to battling this global disease, community is everything. BeYOUtiful programs focus on exactly that— making sure not one woman fights cancer alone. From diagnosis to remission, hair loss to extensions, this community is here to love when you need it the most. Salon owners, stylists, and other beauty professionals know more than most that a little personal love and care can change someone's day or even their life. This new nonprofit was created by Nine Zero One salon owners and stylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, along with their good friend and philanthropist Matt Coulter. "As hairstylists, it's our job to know all things about hair," Capri says. "However, in beauty school, they don't talk much about why chemo does what it does to hair. Our goal is to create a platform to be able to educate hairstylists everywhere. Cancer patients and survivors will have a place in a salon to feel comfortable and learn from a BeYOUtiful hairstylist." P R O D U C T H I G H L I G H T BeYOUtiful Foundation To learn more about the BeYOUtiful Foundation, visit "I'm so thankful for the mission to build something bigger than any of us individually," Coulter says. "At the core of each of us is the desire to be loved, feel love, and show love to others when they need it the most. That's exactly what the BeYOUtiful Foundation is all about. In a time where we must come together, we've created the ultimate platform to prove we're better together." The BeYOUtiful Foundation is the perfect marriage of Coulter's background in the cancer community and the salon owners' craving for a charitable cause close to their hearts. "I feel like I've found my ultimate happiness," Lee says. "I get to do what I love and give back at the same time. I'm excited to see the BeYOUtiful community grow and sprinkle happiness and hope to those who need it the most." Behind you for support, beside you when you shouldn't do it alone, and in front of you when you need protection, the BeYOUtiful Foundation is for all of us—a place to laugh, a place to cry, and, most importantly, a place to prove we're ... #bettertogether. ■ Nikki Lee, Matt Coulter, and Riawna Capri are the Founders of BeYOUtiful , 14 Beauty Sense

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