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Page 12 of 15 13 1. Hair Color: The High-Contrast Root I recently took actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter even blonder, creating one of the next big hair color trends: the high- contrast root. We both loved how her color grew out and wanted to keep more of a high-contrast root, showing more of her natural, dark golden blonde. To achieve the new color, I added buttery blonde highlights with lots of face-framing pieces, producing a more golden hue overall. 2. Hairstyles: Messy Buns Chanel was one of the top designers bringing this trend to life for fall. Messy buns are effortless yet super chic. The key to the perfect messy bun involves a great texturizing product and multiple hair ties. After sweeping hair up into a sleek, high ponytail, sprinkle the pony tail with a texturizing powder. This will give volume and add just the right amount of grit for less slip. Taking a clear elastic, loop it and form a messy bun as usual. To update the look, take a second elastic and redo the same process for a messy bun with more structure and character. 3. Hair Accessories: '90s Throwback Trends tend to come back into fashion for a new generation. The latest beauty staple making a comeback is '90s hair accessories. It's time to check your hair drawers because banana clips and zigzag headbands are back. Designer Prabal Gurgung showcased models like Bella Hadid wearing the trend paired with texturized updos. You can find inexpensive options on Amazon. Don't be afraid to experiment by wearing the accessories with different hairstyles (curls, straight, braids, up, etc.). 4. Haircut: Center-Part Fringe Bangs are getting an update by changing the way they fall and frame the face. Now, the center-part fringe is in style, and it works with both blunt and texturized styles. Bangs start out shorter toward the middle of the forehead and gradually get longer toward the temples. Have fun with the style, which can be worn straight or by adding a slight bump with your flat iron for softer volume that does not bubble up. Keep the look in place with a flexible-hold hairspray so your hair won't look or feel like you used hairspray, but your bangs will maintain their style, even in the wind! 5. Hairstyles: Airy Movement It's the "I woke up like this" hair look, but better. Think straight, but not flat. Waves, but not curls. Depending on the style you choose, they will all have one thing in common—airy movement. This windblown effect means straight styles have a slight bend to them and waves are loose and flowing. To create this trend, reach for a multipurpose flat iron and a great shine- enhancing heat protectant. Taking hair in 1-inch sections, mist with a texture spray before heat is applied. Use a spray that has thermal guards and style memory to help make the hair shinier as heat is applied. For a slight bend, take a 1-inch iron and wave the hair by moving your wrist back and forth. This will create soft bends with movement. Try styling at lower temperature for less damage to the hair while maintaining smooth, shiny results. ■ Laurie Heaps is a Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist. Follow her at @hairbylaurie.

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